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Luxury Carpet

More about this material

Carpets are made from Polypropylene, nylon and wool offering many different qualities.  The synthetic fibres are more durable to cleaning and stains while wool offers unparalled softness and quality in feel.  Carpet are available in width of 2, 4 and 5 meters dependent on the manufacturer giving great flexibility with installation and cost effeciency.

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Our carpets can feature patterns like diamond, cross, pindot and stripes to suit your taste. We offer a huge array of underlays to go with your carpet to create the perfect match in suitability and comfort.  We also do stair carpets with runners and stair rods to compliment and further enhance your carpets up and downstairs.

Key Benefits

  • NQuieter rooms
  • NLuxury feel underfoot
  • NAllergen control
  • NThermally effecient

Suitable application of this flooring

  • MKitchen
  • NLiving Room
  • NDining Room
  • NHallway
  • NBedroom
  • MBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • MConservatory
  • MWarehouse
  • MIndustrial
  • MOffices
  • MClassrooms
  • MSports facilities
  • MCare & Nursing homes
  • MEntrances
  • MOutdoors

Air quality

Carpets are far better at trapping allergens than hard floors, as each carpet fibre catches particles and allergens as they fall to the floor. Once these allergens are captured in the carpet, they are unable to circulate in the air. Regular vacuuming will then remove these particles and allergens from the carpet, ensuring a healthier environment. Dust particles in the air indoors can also cause a number of symptoms such as irritation of the eyes and air passages, infections and headaches.

Carpets can significantly reduce the amount of dust suspended in air as compared with hard floors.  As with allergens, carpet binds dust, which can then be removed entirely with regular vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning. This makes carpet a particularly good flooring choice for projects where indoor air quality is important, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Thermal and Energy Efficiency

Thermal comfort in interior environments can be improved significantly by installing carpet, which not only offers warmth but a measurable contribution to overall heat retention. The fibres also act as natural thermal insulators due to their low heat conduction. This means that carpet does not draw warmth from the feet as quickly as smooth flooring does. Additionally, the surface pile of the carpet traps air and further increases thermal insulation. The thicker the carpet, the greater the degree of thermal insulation.

A carpeted floor not only feels warmer but also provides underfoot comfort. It also does not require the same heating as a smooth surface might. A carpeted floor generally makes it possible to reduce the room temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius without the room feeling any colder, which means significantly reduced energy bills. Installing a quality underlay beneath the carpet will further magnify the benefits and reduce energy use and therefore costs even further.

Quieter rooms

Carpets provide excellent acoustical benefits and reduce noise by absorbing sound, rather than reflecting it as hard surfaces do.

Due to the cushioned backing and many soft fibres, carpets provide excellent acoustic benefits and reduce noise by absorbing sound, rather than reflecting it as hard surfaces do. This is the case for all carpets, but of course, some are better at absorbing sound than others. As acoustics is a key reason for why many architects and clients prefer carpets, some manufacturers even provide specialized acoustic backing for further dampening effect.

This is one reason of many reasons that carpets are the perfect choice for homes, whether a bedroom, living room, or hallway.  This noise reduction is enhanced with thick underlays bringing more comfort and sound absorbtion to your room.


Carpet are naturally soft and forgiving unlike hard floors which has benefits to homeowners.  This softness is an ideal characteristic for homes with babies and small children. Do you live with little legs that are constantly tumbling over when running around? Toddlers simply can’t help themselves but fall more often than you would like. Hence, carpets are a smart choice, especially for stairwells, if you have small children.

Carpet matched with a good underlay gives the best possible protection against serious injury resulting from slips and falls in the home.


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